SGN Scoops Wacky Wednesday: Top Ten Artist Favorite Pizza Toppings

wackywednesdayThanks for joining us for another Wacky Wednesday on SGN Scoops. Today we ask another insightful question, “What do Gospel artists like to put on their pizza?” (because we know YOU are dying to know that answer!)

Karen Peck and New River
Karen Peck and New River

SGN Scoops polled a few artists about various things and tabulated their answers. We have used this (not so great) scientific process to create today’s Wacky Wednesday Top Ten!

The number one answer for favorite toppings was, of course, pepperoni. Who gave us this answer? Chris Jenkins, Karen Peck (who cheated and also asked for pineapple! But that’s okay because we all love Karen and she can say whatever she wants!) Joseph Habedank, Michaela Brown (yes, this kitchen chef actually eats pizza!) Billy Blackwood, and Gary Casto.

Gary Casto and Tribute
Gary Casto and Tribute

Donna King and Lauren Talley only wanted cheese!

David Sutton and Greg Bentley voted for sausage.

Two out of three Booth Brothers** asked for extra tomato sauce. The other one suggested green peppers.

Phil Collingsworth Sr. likes it Hawaiian style, and asked for pineapple.

Clayton Inman, Scotty Inman and Triumphant
Clayton Inman, Scotty Inman and Triumphant

Scott Inman also cheated, and instead of suggesting just one topping, he nominated “Meat Lovers” for his favorite. But again, we all love Scotty, so we let him get away with this response.

Speaking of Inmans, Scotty’s dad Clayton had only one word in response to what his favorite pizza topping was: “YES!”

Shannon Smith thinks along the same line as Clayton when he says, “Everything except anchovies!”

Booth Brothers
Booth Brothers

Hannah Webb stole this writer’s answer when she responded, “Barbeque Chicken!”

We are sure you have come away from this feature feeling more educated about the pizza toppings enjoyed by Southern Gospel artists. Or perhaps…just hungry for pizza. If so, we have accomplished our goal.

Stay tuned for more of these indepth polls right here on SGN Scoops!


Meet today’s contestants…

Who What Where
Chris Jenkins The Kingsmen
Joseph Habedank Soloist
Clayton Inman The Triumphant Quartet
Lauren Talley Alvey The Talleys
Phil Collingsworth Sr. The Collingsworth Family
David Sutton The Triumphant Quartet
Greg Bentley Crossroads Records, Soloist
Gary Casto The Tribute Quartet
Billy Blackwood The Blackwood Brothers Quartet
Shannon Smith Three Bridges
Michaela Brown The Browns
Booth Brothers The Booth Brothers
Scott Inman The Triumphant Quartet
Karen Peck Karen Peck and New River
Donna King Zane and Donna King
Hannah Webb The Rick Webb Family

SGN Scoops Wacky Wednesday Top Ten

**Note: The Booth Brothers each answered each question but wouldn’t say whose answer it was…therefore we are leaving it up to you, dear reader, to guess whether the pithy answer comes from Michael Booth, Ronnie Booth or Paul Lancaster!