Shelly Wilson: Heart of a Servant

Shelly Wilson: Heart of a Servant
Shelly Wilson: Heart of a Servant

Shelly Wilson resides in East Texas, and though she comes from a small town, she’s always had big dreams. As a young girl she walked the aisle in a church and professed Christ, yet at 30 she realized she was not born again. She says there was quite a battle for her soul as she began to hear the voice of the Lord clearly for the first time.


Wilson had no idea the Lord would soon call her and fulfill her dreams. In 2002, she gave birth to her son and a few months later began having health problems. She literally lost her mind for a season.


The doctors were unsure why and no one could help her. She was not in church but knew to run to the church. She visited many and the message was the same: “Use your gifts for the Lord.”


Wilson suffered terrible panic attacks, nightmares and incredible fear, but in the midst of it all she began to hear clearly the voice of the Lord and surrendered her life to Him. From that moment on, He slowly began to change her desires from partying to reading her Bible. Ephesians 3:20 became her life verse.  Wilson understands the verse and says, “I chose you, you didn’t choose Me. I’m grateful for a loving Savior. Although valleys come and go, He is always there.”


Shelly Wilson: Heart of a ServantWilson spent a year learning about the Bible because she knew very little.  She began to sing for the Lord but had terrible stage fright. The Lord had to gently show her that He could be trusted each time she stepped onto any platform.


Wilson wasn’t writing songs yet and said she honestly never considered it an option because she plays no instruments, reads no music and harmony is simply not her gifting. Yet one day in her closet the Lord said, “Shelly, you receive not because you ask not,” so with that nudge she asked to become a songwriter.


Soon the Lord woke her up with her first lyrics rolling around in her head and she began to receive full melodies with the lyrics.

In 2013, Wilson entered what she describes as a dark night of the soul and Christ took her into a wilderness valley.  There He began giving her not only music but poetry portraying His heart to her. On stage she shares a combination of music, poetry, and the Word.  


Shelly Wilson: Heart of a Servant
Shelly Wilson: Heart of a Servant

The Lord has taught her to be transparent with people so they may see His heart. She is very tender to broken hearts and knows Christ longs to heal them through her ministry.


Today, the writings the Lord gives her are published to show girls the unique gifts and talents they too might use for the Kingdom. Wilson’s writings are published in a magazine entitled “Drama Queen Magazine,” that raises funds for safe homes for girls rescued from human sex trafficking. This is one way she’s been called to help set the captives free.  


One of the highlights of her ministry is a cherished song called “Hush Little Baby,” a song the Lord gave her during her deepest valley. It was chosen as an award-winning song by CWIMA, (Christian Women in Media Association) a few years ago.  GO BE LOVE International, a ministry that visits orphans all across the world has also used the song.


Shelly Wilson: Heart of a ServantLast year Wilson partnered with Refuge of Light creating a music video for “Hush Little Baby,” featuring their safe home and girls being restored from child sex trafficking. She says the Lord has taken her most difficult season and birthed a song of healing that He’s used to touch many broken hearts.


Another song, “Power in the Blood,” off her first album, was used on David Wilkerson’s 50-year documentary video. On a plane trip from Dallas to Tyler, Texas she met the company preparing the video and they needed directions to Rosewood Studios, the very recording studio she used. She said she had no idea her producer and the team at Rosewood was good friends with the Wilkerson family. David had always been a major influence in her life and she says this was a blessing from Heaven, a surprise no one else could orchestrate but the Lord.


“With the many challenges in ministry today, darkness is creeping into every facet of our world. The more we come against the enemy, the fiercer the battle is becoming. There is a need for prayer covering as well as provision to do the work we are called to do.


“Often I’m a missionary in places of great need where I freely give albums, publications, and ministry. I never allow finances to keep people from receiving what they need. I rarely release radio songs due to ministry needs, and I feel my accomplishments are simply that God has taken me from glory to glory and taught me His ways.  


“I’ve learned His voice and been taught much through a school of suffering. Through these times, I have found the very Savior that carried the cross before He also hung on it, and for Him I will do the same daily,” she states.


Shelly Wilson: Heart of a Servant
Shelly Wilson

Much of Wilson’s time is spent penning messages and traveling.  She has launched 320 Publishing, the arm of her ministry, which contains her catalog of original music, as well as various publications. “From My Closet to Yours” is a publication of poetry and devotionals. “The Little Girl Jesus Loves” is a book for little girls who have never understood life’s trials and how Christ has always been watching for them to recognize His hand in their life.  Her latest book, “Rebuild the Ruins-The Baptism of the Holy Spirit” was just made available on Kindle, IBook and paperback on her website. To date she has released six publications, four magazine publications, three albums and five music singles.


She now producing a single, “Where My Heart Leaps” and DQK Club Toolkits. Drama Queens for the King Clubs is a ministry where Wilson spends countless hours loving on girls for Christ at Nascar racetracks, neighborhood block parties and club settings. She is now launching DQK club toolkits with “Drama Queen Magazine” and activities that will serve as curriculum for teaching girls how to share Christ. Using these toolkits will help girls become Freedom Fighters and help support a safe home for girls in east Texas.


Shelly Wilson: Heart of a Servant
Shelly Wilson: Heart of a Servant

In closing, Shelly Wilson says her mission is to meet each heart in their greatest need. If you spend a night of ministry with her you will hear her share through music, poetry, and God’s Word. “We are called to help the broken heal so they can be all Christ intended them to be and all hands are needed on deck for this battle.”

By Debbie Seagraves, feature writer for SGNScoops Magazine

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