10 Things I’m Learning from Cancer

10 Things I'm Learning from Cancer
10 Things I’m Learning from Cancer

10 Things I’m Learning from Cancer:
1. Christian music makes me weep with joy. Every song.
2. Thus, Jenna wants to own every song about Jesus she hears.
3. A huge smile and a big wave from an unknown neighbor power walking as you drive by gives you physical joy! Must note to do this for others.
4. Overwhelming financial and verbal gifts from others make me weep with joy and I am unsure how to say an appropriate thank you.
5. I weep with joy a lot. I weep with despair a lot. I just plain weep a lot!
6. God’s word is irreplaceable and necessary for joy. Must tuck it away in my heart.
7. I like my bald head. Too bad it is not a trend to keep it forever. My “I’m Bald!” dance in front of the mirror gives me joy.
8. There’s a lot of pain in this world I could not identify with prior to my diagnosis. But I maybe can empathize on a new level. More empathy for people is good.
9. How do people who don’t know Jesus cope with life? I must tell more people about Jesus and how he rescues us. This gives me joy!
10. I notice other people a lot more now. Even though I’m really wrapped up in this chemo world I long to love on others so bad it hurts. Best result of cancer: I love people more. And I love Jesus more. And I love Blake more. I think cancer is a win-win situation.

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