Beyond the Song: Christian Cross Roads sing about “The Blood Line”

Christian Cross Roads
Christian Cross Roads

Jantina de Haan goes Beyond the Song once again to talk to Christian Cross Roads about their single, “Blood Line.” The members of Christian Cross Roads (CCR) are Chris Jones, Christina Lambert, and Amy Mclain. CCR has been together for just a few years. This is their first radio release sent out with Wise Choice Promotions.

Tell us about your release, “The Blood Line.”

Chris Jones says, “The song, “The Blood Line,” is a song that I wrote back about 2000 when I was working as a DJ for WSTS radio and singing solo. When we were looking for songs for (the latest album) “2nd Mile,” we decided to add “The Blood Line.”

How did you come to write about the blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ?

“The idea for the song came from a friend of mine who was the associate pastor at my church,” says Jones. “He said, ‘The line (of) the blood of Jesus is the righteous, red, royal kind.’ I reached (over) and got an offering envelope out of the pew in front of me and in about 10 minutes I believe that God had given me the song, ‘The Blood Line.’

Christian Cross Roads in concert
Christian Cross Roads in concert

What is the main idea contained within those powerful lyrics?

“It just talks about the blood of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross being my only way of salvation (and) my only hope for eternity!” Jones says. He adds, “I had no idea way back then that God would use it the way He is in 2019, but I sure am glad that He is. I am also very humbled that anyone likes it and receives a blessing from it.”

Christian Cross Roads can be reached through Facebook or by phone at 843-254-1234.

For more information click on their website HERE.


Thanks to Jantina de Haan for going Beyond the Song to tell us more about “The Blood Line.”

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