CD Review: Beautiful Day by Mark Bishop

Mark BishopMark Bishop

“Beautiful Day”

Label: Sonlite Records

Producer: Jeff Collins, Mark Bishop


Songs: “It’s A Beautiful Day,” “God Needs Ministers,” “Are You Ready For Perfect Love?” “It’s All Good,” “I’ll Just Keep Rowing,” “You Can’t Say He Didn’t Love Us,” “I’m Just Changing Mountains,” “Home Grown Tomatoes,” “The Man On The Other Cross,” “Lost, Lost, Lost”


One of Southern gospel’s most beloved singer-songwriters is back with yet another stellar recording. Mark Bishop hopes to lift spirits with his new CD entitled “Beautiful Day.” This recording features 10 songs that encourage people to trust in God and be witnesses to this lost world.


The CD opens with two great uptempo tracks “It’s A Beautiful Day,” and “God Needs Ministers.” The title track encourages listeners to look on the bright side of life. Don’t let the gloomy days get you down. Jeff Chapman, Chris Allman, and Mylon Hayes join him to make this a fun quartet song. 


Amber Eppinette of 11th Hour joins him on “God Needs Ministers,” which reminds us to shine God’s light in every situation. Be a soul reacher in everyday life. Eppinette also joins Bishop on the powerful ballad “Are You Ready For Perfect Love?” which praises Christ for his transforming love. 


“It’s All Good,” is a fun, groovy tune that reminds us that with God in our lives, happiness is not hard to find. “I’ll Just Keep Rowing,” is a stellar mid-tempo track that simply says: Jesus is the captain of my boat. I will trust him and just keep rowing. 


“You Can’t Say He Didn’t Love Us,” is a beautiful ballad that simply reminds us that God loved us so much that He sacrificed himself to save us from our sins. Bishop picks the tempo back up with the fun “I’m Just Changing Mountains.” This clever tune tells of persevering through the trials of life. God has our best interests at heart and will always be with you. 


Mark BishopPerhaps the standout track on the album, the cut “Home Grown Tomatoes,” tells the story of Brother Joe, a country preacher serving as a witness to everyone he meets. He visits churchgoer’s homes with a bible in one hand and a bag of home grown tomatoes in the other.

“The Man On The Other Cross,” a well crafted ballad, tells of the other men on the crosses next to Christ. This powerful song proclaims: I want to be like the man on the cross who found forgiveness. 


This outstanding album closes with “Lost, Lost, Lost,” a tender ballad that tells the story of being found in Christ. I was lost, but then I found Jesus who gave me purpose and new life.


Justin Gilmore

“Beautiful Day” is yet another powerful and well crafted album from Mark Bishop. This recording not only features fantastic vocals from Bishop, but deeply moving and anointed songs. A must buy for fans of Bishop and Southern gospel fans alike. 4.5 out of  5 stars.


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Guest CD Review by Justin Gilmore of Southern Gospel Spotlight.