Jason Crabb Continues To Inspire and Teach Children with Jase® Book Series

Jason Crabb Continues To Inspire and Teach Children with Jase® Book Series
Jason Crabb Continues To Inspire and Teach Children with Jase® Book Series

Nashville, TN – Grammy winner Jason Crabb continues to inspire and teach young children through the incredibly popular Jase® children’s book series. With the release of the latest book, The 6th “Be Attitude,” the journey continues through the ten commandments told through the adventures of “Jase® the Crabb,” an adorable friend to all children.

In this dreamland adventure, Jase® meets Ranjeet, a boy from the Far East who feels out of place in an English-speaking nation. From Jase®, he learns that God loves our uniqueness and when he and Jase® hear the Sermon on the Mount, Ranjeet learns the power of having a pure heart.

The Jase® Series has become extremely popular with Jason Crabb’s youngest fans. “Every night, children and their parents and grandparents tell me just how much Jase® means to them,” Crabb comments. “Children enjoy the stories and feel connected to Jase® and his friends through the adventures he takes. I am so excited to release book six!”

The name of the character, Jase®, holds a special meaning to Crabb. Derived from the initials of his immediate family – J(ason) A(shleigh) S(hellye) E(mma) – the name is also what his late Grandfather would call him. “I would visit my grandfather in the summer months and help him around the farm. I can’t even remember how many times I heard him call out to me – “JASE, come on over here and help me out!” – it just seemed like a natural fit and a way to honor my grandfather.”

In addition to the ten-book series, children, parents and teachers can log on to www.JaseCrabb.com where they can print off curriculum, coloring pages, certificates of completion, learn about Jase® University and comment on the books. Along with Crabb, a team comprising of Donna Scuderi and Philip & Tina Morris played an integral role in contributing to the overall foundation and direction of the book series.

Award-winning illustrator Anita DuFalla’s vibrant visuals display the heart and soul of Jase® the Crabb and his friends. Anita’s clients include McGraw-Hill, Harcourt (Brace), Benchmark Education Company, and the Washington Post among others. “When I saw Anita’s work and witnessed her heart for this, I knew God had brought the right person to this project,” shares Crabb. “Her creativity and talent have brought my little buddy, Jase®, to life!”

The entire Jase® Series is available at JaseCrabb.com and at your local Christian bookstore through New Day Christian Distributors.