North Georgia Sing

North Georgia Sing
North Georgia Sing

The North Georgia Sing is only a few days away, and promises to mark the beginning of a grand annual event.  

“For the last several years, I have longed to host a concert heavy on talent from my home state of Georgia, popular in Georgia, or relevant to Georgia.  My friend Chris Adams, who is a board member of the North Georgia School of Gospel Music, recently approached me about promotinga fundraiser  to benefit the school.  Thus, we combined our two dreams, and the North Georgia Sing was born!  

I am very excited about all of my guests.  Groups such as the Mylon Hayes Family, as well as members of Redemption Song, have been active in helping raise funds and promote the singing school.  Jack Clark is not only a legendary pianist, songwriter, and comedian, but has been on faculty at the NGSGM for decades.  Roni Goss is a Georgia gospel music giant, having performed with the legendary Goss Brothers for over two decades. And then there’s the extraordinary young family from Cedartown, GA, Children of the Promise, who are capturing hearts everywhere they go!  

The full lineup is as follows:
   Redemption Song
   Alan Kendall
   Children of the Promise
   Jack Clark and the Homeland Harmony Quartet
   Roni Goss
   Mylon Hayes Family
   ….with multiple surprises

This concert will be fast-paced and fun, with less talk, more music, life-changing lyrics, and a great cause to raise money for.  For more information, visit  Hope you will come be with us on Saturday, May 7!”