SGN Scoops Fast Five: Alan Kendall

IMG_0150A few years back a young man joined the Melody Boys Quartet and that was the beginning of Alan Kendall’s adventure as a Southern Gospel artist. Since then, Alan has married, started a family and is now exploring a solo career. We wondered what Alan was up to lately, so we tracked him down and gave him our Fast Five quiz. Now we all can learn a little more about this gifted Gospel singer!

SGN:  Who introduced you to Southern Gospel music?

AK: My parents introduced me to gospel music literally from birth. My mom is the best soprano any church choir could ask for, and my father has a HUGE collection of records. I had heard more Blackwood Brothers, Statesmen, Harmoneers, Chuck Wagon Gang, and Sunshine Boys records by the time I was five than most hear in a lifetime. We just love it!

kendall family editSGN:  Please introduce yourself to our readers.

AK: My experience in singing is brief, but my heart for, and knowledge of, this music runs deep. I have worked on volunteer staff for the SGMA and Grand Ole Gospel Reunion for about 12 years. I began my professional singing career with the Melody Boys Quartet of Little Rock, Arkansas. I traveled coast to coast with some of my dearest friends until I married my beautiful wife Savannah in 2010, at which point I returned home to Georgia. I sang for a year with Freedom and then for three years with The Rebels Quartet. When my daughter Evalee was born earlier this year, I knew the time was coming where I would eventually be rearranging my travel schedule in order to spend more time with my family. Starting in October, I began accepting solo dates. Several doors are opening and I am very excited!


SGN:  Do you have a website and/or a IMG_0151Facebook page?
AK: I do not currently have a website. That is still in development. You can find and “like” me on Facebook at, and you can check out some of my music and view my schedule at  For those who wish to contact me, my email is, or you can call 706-970-0246.
SGN:  What is your favorite place to eat while on the road? 
AK: Where do I start? Fast food wise I am a Chick-Alan and child editfil-a man all the way. When it comes to a good sit-down restaurant, give me Cracker Barrel or Mimi’s Cafe.

SGN:  If you could go back in time and sing with one group, who would it be?
AK: If I could sing with any group in the old days, it would probably be either The Weatherfords or the Original Cathedrals. I love tight harmony singing, of which those two were tops. Also, being stationed at a church like the Cathedral of Tomorrow, enjoying a good home life, and singing, sounds like a dream job to me!
Thanks to Alan Kendall for sitting in the hot seat today and answering our Fast Five! Stay tuned for more Fast Five features here on SGN Scoops website!