SGN Scoops Fast Five with Sacred Harmony

Sacred HarmonySacred Harmony is a mixed trio out of Elizabethton, Tennessee who just released a new CD entitled The Champion with songs either written or co-written by Phil Cross, who has mentored the group. You can listen to their music on their website or on Facebook (links below).

We invite you to meet Sacred Harmony as we ask them five fast questions about their group.


Scoops: Tell us about your group. 

SH: Sacred Harmony has been in existence for approximately 15 years, with Janet Weaver being a founding member. It was a quartet until about two years ago when we became a trio. Currently Sacred Harmony is made up of Brian, Janet and Theresa.  We love to sing for Jesus Christ and about him. We are a crossover Southern Gospel trio with a hint of contemporary, praise and worship.


Scoops: What is your current radio single? Why did you choose it?

SH: “He Left No Stone Unturned,” written by the legendary Phil Cross. God’s will, timing and plan is perfect. He’s a meticulous God with great attention to detail, not only in creating the universe and devising a plan for salvation but also in the details of our lives. This song speaks to this in such a vivid way!
sh2Scoops: Tell us a funny road story.

SH: It has to be when Brian decided he wanted to drive the bus to the second concert of the day and ended up getting it stuck in a ditch before he even made it out of the parking lot. But a good old tow truck pulled it right out and on we went. He has not lived it down and he’s now exiled to the back of the bus!


Scoops: Do you have some goals for your ministry for 2015? What are they?

SH: Yes, we are keeping the prayer of Jabez in mind and asking God to expand our territory. We love meeting new people, singing this awesome music and most importantly,

sharing the gospel in song.


Scoops: When out on the road, most groups have a favorite restaurant. What is the Sacred Harmony fave?

SH: Pappasito’s!


Thanks to Sacred Harmony for answering our Fast Five! You can find out more about this trio on the web at

Or on Facebook at