Beyond the Song with Jim and Melissa Brady singing “The Little Things”

Jim and Melissa Brady
Jim and Melissa Brady

Once again, we go Beyond the Song with Jantina de Haan Baksteen, as she talks to Jim and Melissa Brady about their song, “The Little Things,” off of the album “Hope Keeps Writing The Song.” Jim Brady is a former member of the Booth Brothers, and he formed the Jim Brady Trio in 2015. Early this year, he and his wife Melissa became a duet. Their latest song, “The Little Things,” written by Jim Brady, is a great reminder for all of us.

Jantina de Haan Baksteen talks to Jim Brady about this release.

Jantina de Haan Baksteen: What’s the story behind choosing the title of this album?

Jim Brady: The project is called “Hope Keeps Writing The Song,” and is titled after a song Melissa and I wrote by the same name. The song is filled with snapshots of our life on the road.
Also, in the years since we started this group, we’ve been through some really tough times, including burying four close family members in just fifteen months. We’ve found encouragement, as we’ve looked back over these years because God has brought us through and His hope has made us stronger. It’s become an anthem that continues to echo in our hearts and our passion is to share that hope in every concert.

Jantina: Did you write “The Little Things” specifically for the Jim Brady Trio?

Jim: “The Little Things” is really my story. My dad went to heaven in September of 2015, and not a day passes that I don’t think about him and miss him. But, he left my family and me a wonderful legacy, by the way, he lived his life. So, this song is a few things I learned from my dad.

Jantina: Can you tell us what the song talks about?

Jim: It’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of life, and forget to focus on the things that could put a smile on someone’s face and make this world a better place for all of us. So, it’s a gentle reminder that some things we might take for granted, and think of as little, like honesty, helping your neighbor, and time with family, these are, really, the big things in life.

Jantina: How do you incorporate this message into your daily life?

Jim: I try to focus on living with more intention and enjoying simple things. So, this week, I took Melissa out for an ice cream cone. It didn’t take much money or time, but we had a blast.

Jantina: This year, 2019, you started to sing as a duet. Can you tell us what is ahead in the near future for your ministry?

Jim: Our journey has been wonderfully rewarding, but has also led us into the unplanned and unexpected. Through it all, we’ve continued to trust and believe that God is faithful and in control of the details. And, even though change is never easy, it’s been amazing to watch Him show up, take our hand, and lead us into a new and exciting season of ministry. Because of the difficulties we’ve faced, we’re finding there’s a deeper passion to our writing and singing, these days.

We are so excited about the coming year. We’re currently working on a Christmas CD, a first for us. We’re writing some new songs, but also very excited to do our own version of some of the Christmas classics.

Jantina: A there more things you’d like to share to the readers of the Scoops?

Jim: We love keeping in touch with our fans. We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and through our web site at

We hope you enjoy this song today.



Jim and Melissa BradyThanks Jim and Melissa for the little look inside of your ministry. The SGNScoops team wishes you safe travels on your way to all venues as you present this message of hope through song.

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