Exodus Releases New Single, “I’m Gonna Fly”

Exodus Releases New Single, “I’m Gonna Fly”
Exodus Releases New Single, “I’m Gonna Fly”

GADSDEN, Ala.   – Exodus, the fast-rising Southern Gospel trio from Gadsden, Alabama has released their newest single, “I’m Gonna Fly,” to radio. They also recently reached an agreement with the Kisor Group to provide the group booking and management services.
Penned by group member Susan Brady, “I’m Gonna Fly” is an inspiring, hope filled song that showcases the exciting sound and harmonies of Exodus. A favorite during an Exodus live performance, “I’m Gonna Fly,” is destined to climb the Southern Gospel charts this fall. This is the third single released from their project “I’ve Been Set Free.”
When asked about “I’m Gonna Fly,” group member Mike Watson said “Susan is fast becoming known as a writer of great songs. “I’m Gonna Fly,” is no exception. We always get a great response when singing this song live, and we’re excited to share it with our radio friends and listeners across the country.”  He continues, “The Lord continues to bless Exodus with great songs and opportunities. Our ministry continues to focus on reaching the lost, and encouraging the church, and it’s exciting to see what God is doing with Exodus.”
Regarding their agreement with the Kisor Group, Watson said “Exodus is excited about this next step in our ministry, working with the Kisor Group. Sharon Kisor has been obedient to her call, and we are proud to be a part of it”.  The Kisor Group will be assisting Exodus by providing booking and management services.
When Sharon Kisor heard Exodus for the first time, she wasn’t sure what to expect, but she was treated to an inspiring performance. She said, “From the very first song, I had chills. The energy of their entire set was infectious, while their harmony and blend were magical!”
Roger Spears of TS-Promotions and Publicity said “The more I’m around Exodus, the more I’m convinced that they offer something very special to the Southern Gospel fan. Not only are they all great singers and musicians, they are dedicated to their ministry and are committed to seeing it grow. Their desire is to reach people with their message of hope and encouragement.”  He continues, “TS-Promotions and Publicity is blessed to work with them as they grow their ministry and are excited to great things from with their new relationship with the Kisor Group”.
To find out more about Exodus, go to www.exodus-southerngospel.com. Information on the Kisor Group is at www.kisorgroup.com.