Men of Music Return to Touring

JACKSON, Miss. – Southern Gospel favorites the Men of Music are proud to announce their return to full-time touring after a three year absence from the road.  The Men of Music came off the road due to group owner/manger Mike Bullock’s wife, Carolyn’s, diagnosis with cancer.

Bullock has officially turned over the reigns of the ministry to Greg Colburn, the last touring baritone for the group before coming off the road.  Mike will not be returning to the road.  Carolyn is in full remission of her illness, but Mike is enjoying spending the time at home with his family.

Mike Bullock commented, “I want to encourage everyone who is and has been a friend of the Men of Music to know that I support what this group is doing and hope that all of my friends and acquaintances will continue to book the group even though I may not be on the road with them.”

In addition to Colburn on baritone, the group will feature Rodney Tyson, a former lead vocalist for the group from the early part of this decade.  Chris Walton will be joining the group as tenor vocalist.  Though he has never toured with the Men of Music, Walton has an extensive background in Southern Gospel music.

Greg said, “We are so honored that Mike would trust us with this ministry.  It is our desire to continue the rich heritage that the Men of Music set forth before us.  We are making friends and fans everywhere we have been to up to this point.  We know that this is a God-ordained ministry, and we are so excited that he has appointed us to be a part of it!”

The Men of Music are currently booking dates and touring as a trio.  Churches, promoters, and individuals interested in scheduling the Men of Music for their ministry event can call the ministry office at (615) 562-5394 or (601) 573-4602.

The group is currently preparing to record their new release.  More information on that will be forthcoming.

The new Men of Music webpage is currently under construction and will be unveiled in the next few weeks.