Full Life Trio tries Facebook marketing

From, of course, the Facebook Files

Today I was doing my usual status-message-catchup and noticed this:


Text reads:
FACEBOOK SPECIAL: Get our newest CD “Just Know That He Will”, plus our other 3 CD’s for only $25 plus shipping. The newest CD alone is $15, so this is a great deal. That’s 4 Full Life Trio CD’s for only $25 (plus shipping)! O…ffer ends Monday Sept 7 at midnight. Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!

I thought, ‘Hey, that’s cool!’ I’ve seen groups invite people to concerts, advertise for bookings, celebrate chart successes, and even look for lodging using their Facebook status, but I had not yet seen CD specials.

So I asked Debbie Davis, owner of Full Life Trio: Why Facebook? Here’s what she had to say:

I created the Full Life Trio fan page on Facebook as a way to let people know more about our ministry and to send updates. Within 1 month of creating the page, we already have over 350 people signed up.

Many of them had never heard of Full Life Trio before now, so we wanted to give them a chance to get our product in their hands for the lowest price possible. We’ll probably be having more specials on FB throughout the year.

Kudos to Debbie and other groups who are utilizing FREE social networking to spread the word about their ministries.. this, inevitably, spreads the word about the Gospel!

Is your ministry utilizing a website or tool in this way? Let us know about it.

Happy Networking!

Visit Full Life Trio here.