Just a little talk with The Erwins

Just a little talk with The Erwins
Just a little talk with The Erwins by Jantina Baksteen

The Erwins travel as a sibling group from the state of Texas. Their alliterative names are Keith, Kody, Kris and Katie. These artists have been steadily rising in the world of gospel music for several years, and have built a large fanbase as well as being honored with award nominations and charting songs. Starting from a tender age, each child sang with their parents as they shared the gospel in camp meetings and tent revivals. Now these adult children have a mature sound that is enjoyed across the states and the world.

Jantina Baksteen: Please introduce yourselves to the readers of SGNScoops.

Keith Erwin: 46 years ago, our father began his evangelistic ministry, traveling all over and singing and preaching the gospel. After 17 years of being single, he met our mother at a tent revival, and soon after that… we came along. Continuing in our father’s ministry early on and even more so as we grew up, was just what we we loved. God birthed a passion for ministry in our hearts and grew it through the years on the road. Now, God has broadened our scope of ministry to the concert halls, singing alongside many of our heroes, while still periodically serving with Dad in Sunday services, revivals, and bible conferences. We’re having the time of our lives. We look back with wonderful memories and ahead with an anticipation that God has mighty plans.


StowTown Records Announces Release of The Erwins' "Watch & See"JB: You were involved in the singing industry from your early years. How old were you all? 

Keith Erwin: Well, as I touched on in the first question, we have literally never done anything else. I was actually in the recording studio for the first time when I was 16 months old, singing, “Jesus Loves Me,” on one of my dad’s recordings. All of us really began our musical journey as young as that. 

 JB: What year did you decide to start as a sibling group? 

Keith: I don’t believe there was really a time of decision concerning that choice. It kind of just happened. For awhile there, it was just the three boys, as a male trio, but I guess it was 2011 or 2012, as Katie came along in her singing, it just became clear that she needed to be added to the group. As you can imagine, she changed every dynamic and made the stage look a whole lot better. 

JB: What is it like to travel together so many miles?

Keith: It’s special, it’s stressful, it’s an honor, it’s challenging, it’s exciting, it’s the easiest thing we can ever do, but also, it’s the hardest thing we can ever do. It’s sometimes nasty, but always beautiful, and always worth each and every one of those miles. 

JB: Your current radio song is, “The Power Of The Empty Tomb.” What does the song say to you?

Keith: “The Power Of The Empty Tomb,” says everything every person in this world needs to hear: The tomb is empty. Our Lord is alive. The great Joel Lindsey wrote this lyric.

JB: Do you have a personal testimony that you’d like to share?

Keith: Well this one isn’t directly personal but it does have everything to do with our single we were just talking about. A couple of years ago, Joel Lindsey was at a very low point in his life and even went so far in telling us that he honestly thought that he had written his last song (this coming from a man that has written songs like “Orphans Of God” by Avalon, and “Shall We Gather At The River” by Point Of Grace). He said that a close friend came to his house one afternoon and took a few hours just to speak life and peace into Joel’s heart and soul. As soon as that timely interaction was over, Joel immediately went to his piano, and the words and music to: “Power Of An Empty Tomb,” entered his brilliant mind. Praise the Lord for good friends, a man that’s open to listen, and pure restoration.

JB: Have any of you written a song?

Kris Erwin: I experienced the Nashville writers room for the first time about two years ago now. I was thrilled to co-write the title song on our: “Watch & See,” project with the incredible Kenna West and Jason Cox. They made it an unforgettable experience that I hope to do again in the near future. With the Lord’s help and in his perfect time, we pray there are many to come. 

Just a little talk with The ErwinsJB: If you weren’t a professional singer, what job would you do?

Keith: I’ve always loved sports, specifically basketball. I would probably be a basketball coach. 

JB: With what famous or not famous person would you like to spend dinner with? 
All of the Erwins: That’s an easy one. The one and only Bill Gaither.

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JB: Who decides what restaurant to pick when you are traveling the road?

Keith: It’s always and forever a joint decision. But thankfully we don’t have picky eaters on our bus. 

Katie: We try to make it a joint decision on where we eat on the road. We stop at a lot of mall food courts so everyone can choose their own restaurant. That’s an easy fix to living in harmony on and off stage. 

JB: Where can we find you on the web?

Katie: You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube by searching The Erwins or our website is www.erwinministries.com 

By Jantina Baksteen

First published by SGNScoops Magazine in January 2020

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