Gospel music’s Wacky Wednesday asks another deep, mind-blowing question

Wacky Wednesday titleWacky Wednesday with Gospel Artists is back with another question. Special thanks to our friend Jantina de Haan for collecting all of these great answers, and to all of you for your overwhelming response to the return of Wacky Wednesday!

As you know, Wacky Wednesday features questions that you might not find in regular artist interviews and answers that you might not see printed anywhere else…

Today we hear responses from Josh Jordan of the Jordan Family Band, Gerald Wolfe of Greater Vision,

Clayton and Scotty Inman. (Craig Harris)
Clayton and Scotty Inman of Triumphant. (Craig Harris)

Wendy Hayes of the Mylon Hayes family, Corey Pearson of the Diplomats, Bob Sellers, Pat Barker of the Guardians, Clayton Inman of Triumphant, Josh Townsend of Legacy Five, and

Legacy Five with Josh Townsend
Legacy Five with Josh Townsend

Jaquita Lindsey of 11th Hour.

This week’s question is: who is your favorite Gospel Music Artist?

We will let the men go first this time:

Josh Jordan: Tough question. I find myself listening to the Cathedrals with Danny Funderburk in the lineup. Also, the original Hinsons. But I have several current groups I enjoy.

Gerald Wolfe: The Happy Goodman Family. They always had great songs, and they were exciting to watch.

Corey Pearson of the Diplomats
Corey Pearson of the Diplomats

Corey Pearson: Growing up, I listened to the Kingsmen and Gold City. Loved the bands and loved Big Jim Hamill.

Gerald Wolfe-Greater Vision

Bob Sellers: Kingsmen.

Josh Townsend: The Collingsworth Family; love the tight family harmony.

Pat Barker: The Guardians. They pay me to say that

Clayton Inman: The Hinsons; I love the electricity they brought to a stage.


Let’s hear from the ladies…

Jaquita Lindsey: I have so many friends that sing that’s hard for me to choose.

Wendy Hayes: The Whisnants and Greater Vision. They both have been close friends of our family for many years and we love their ministries.


Were these answers what you expected? The artists list some great groups in Gospel music, past and present. Maybe some of their favorite’s style or vocal inflections have rubbed off on them…we will let you decide.

Wendy Hayes
Wendy Hayes

Stay tuned next time for another Wacky Wednesday, when we will ask the question everyone wants to know: what color are your socks? (Is this the actual question that has been asked? Stay tuned…)

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Jaquita Lindsey
Jaquita Lindsey

Jordan Family Band

Pat Barker
Bob Sellers

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