SGN Scoops Fast Five: 2nd Generation

2nd Generation
2nd Generation

SGN Scoops welcomes 2nd Generation to their Fast Five platform! This mixed trio has been around for some time, engaging audiences with their smooth harmonies, light banter and worshipful Gospel music. 2nd Generation’s latest project is Soul Searching, to be released later this month. Their current radio single you may have heard is entitled “He Saved Me.”

Welcome Elaine, Brenda and Randy to SGN Scoops Fast Five!
SGN:  What is one venue you would like to sing at?
Elaine- There have been many events we have already sung at and experienced. I’m with Brenda, probably a Bill Gaither event.
Randy-There are so many great events, it’s hard to choose; but I would love to sing with Triumphant Quartet again, so – their homecoming event! They are a blast to be around!
Brenda- My dream as long as I can remember has been to sing at a Bill Gaither event. Growing up our family, the Singing Greens would attend events like that and I would sit and admire all the groups on the stage and think how awesome it would be to sing on a stage like that, or to know those people. God has blessed us to know many of those people and we call them our friends. God places dreams in our hearts and He doesn’t forget them. We believe that we will sing on a Gaither event very soon.

SGN: What is one talent you have that people would be surprised to learn about you?

Elaine Robinson- I play the piano.

Randy Barnes- I love to cook! When I am home I am the one usually cooking dinner and desserts. I love to bake breads and pies.
Brenda Denney- I love to do interior decorating. Give me a can of paint and a paint brush, and I’m HAPPY!
2nd GenerationSGN: Who is your favorite male Gospel vocalist?
Elaine – Guy Penrod
Randy -David Phelps. A lot of people choose him, but it’s well deserved. He has one of the purest voices I have ever heard and a range that is truly God-given!
Brenda- Scotty Innman
SGN: What is the name of the last book you read?
Elaine- Skidmarks on the Road of Life by Ann Downing
Randy-Agents of Apocalypse by Dr David Jeremiah. I also love to read anything by Charles Swindoll.
Brenda- Misfits Welcome by Matthew Barnett
SGN: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you during a concert?
Elaine- The heel on my shoe got stuck in a heat/air vent on stage. Could not get it out! After the song I took my shoe off. The Pastor and another man came up and had to take the vent out of the floor to get my shoe out of the vent! Not sure what happened with those high heels since that night, but I haven’t seen them since. And they were my favorite!
Randy-I have been given several nick-names over the years, and sometime during the concert at least one of them always comes up! A few years ago while singing with a quartet, there was a person that had been to more than one of our concerts and knew some of my nick-names. I start singing “Haven of Rest,” and during the first verse of this great ballad, he stands up with a sign that says: “We love you, ____” (I’m not telling you the nick-name!) I almost didn’t make it through the song!
Brenda- When Jimmy Hoskins was with 2nd Generation we had a remote that controlled our computer and right in the middle of one of my powerful, slow songs, Jimmy accidentally hit the remote and the song changed to a fast kickin’ song! Needless to say the spiritual moment was lost but we all had a good laugh.
2nd Generation2nd Generation sent us this personal biography…
The Word of God says that if we have just the faith of a tiny mustard seed, that we would be able to move mountains. Those kinds of statements are sometimes hard for our human minds to grasp, but Gospel trio 2nd Generation knows first-hand what it means to live a life of faith, and faith that is extravagant to be exact.
Group founders and sisters Elaine Robinson and Brenda Denney have been singing Gospel music for as long as they can remember.
As children, they would go to bed listening to a stack of records placed on the record player and fall asleep listening to the music of The Happy Goodmans, The Rambos, Lanny Wolf Trio, Bill Gaither and many, many more. Gospel music runs deep in their roots, and once it’s in your bones, there’s no turning back.
The two sisters sang with their family group, The Singing Greens, for most of their life before embarking on a new musical journey. The sisters derived the name 2nd Generation from the fact that they are now the second generation in their family to carry on in full-time music ministry.
The trio is completed with Randy Barnes who is no stranger to Southern Gospel music. Randy has previously traveled with groups such as the Voyagers Quartet, and the Melody Boys Quartet, and he has a heart for ministry that matches the 2nd G sisters.
2nd Generation has appeared at National Quartet Convention, Gatlinburg Gathering, Singing In The Sun, Silver Dollar City, TBN, Daystar, Beacon Park, State Fairs, Homecomings, Revivals, Women’s Conference, churches of all denominations and sizes, and many other venues.
2nd Generation has had numerous Singing News Top 80 hits, along with hits on other Southern Gospel charts. 2nd Generation won the Diamond Award for Sunrise Artist in 2009, and have been nominated for Fan Favorite Artist and Trio of the Year with Absolutely Gospel Awards.
The awards and charts are wonderful and very exciting, but to us the greatest reward we can ever see is when a lost soul receives Jesus Christ at one of our concerts. We are on business for the King and we are “Soul Searching”! Find out more about 2nd Generation online and on Facebook.